Dental Implant Companies

In the United States there are numerous dental implant companies who sell implants and tools for dentists to perform various procedures that provide you with implants and bone replacements. Each of these dental implant companies have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration so you can be assured the guidelines and standards set are being followed.

There are approximately 50 dental implant companies out there that manufacture all of the dental implant products and materials used in all the dentist offices around the United States. The majority of them have websites so you can educate yourself about their products and the dental implant companies themselves.

It is important to realize that while dental implant companies provide various products and tools they do not perform any types of dental procedures. These have to be done by a qualified dental office. This may be your own dentist or he may refer you to a specialist called a periodontist.

Since all of the products and tools made by dental implant companies have to meet FDA requirements you don’t have to worry about the quality of the materials your dentist or the periodontist is using. However you do need to be concerned about the reputation of the person putting these dental implants in for you.

The majority of dental implants companies make the type of implants that screw in to the jaw bone. Some of them make plates that sit between the gums and the jaw bone. All of the parts are hidden and made by titanium. This is the same type of material used to make hip replacement parts. It works well in the mouth because it doesn’t cause a reaction when it interacts with the live tissues in the mouth. This was discovered in the 1960’s and nothing better has come along over the past four decades. The ceramic tooth looks so real no one will ever guess you have had an implant.

Dentists are generally loyal to the dental implant companies they buy products from. First of all they are aware of the quality of the products they use, the shipping time, and the cost In most cases dental implant companies will offer discounts and incentives to dentists to beat out the competition. If you want specific information about dental implant companies your dentist may be able to help you.