Important Facts About Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is considered as a supplement for individual health plan or part of an employer sponsored group health plan. By having a dental plan, one is able to seek for dental care whenever he or she needs. This type of insurance provides financial freedom for people with the main purpose of maintaining oral health at low cost.

According to the statistics in year 2008, it has shown that more than 30% of Americans did not pay a visit to the dentist. This indicates that many Americans do not know how good a dental coverage is. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the important facts about dental insurance.

Fact No.1

There are two main types of dental coverage; i.e. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) plan and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) plan. A PPO dental plan is a traditional program which you can select your dentist from the broad universe of dental providers. On the other hand, a HMO dental plan is a managed care program which you are limited to choose a special network of providers only. The PPO plan is not common in United States as its cost is very high.

Fact No.2

In the market, there is no one dental plan that provides comprehensive coverage for all kinds of dental treatments. The exclusions can be in the form of restriction on the number of visits to the dentists, dental providers and the types of treatment.

Fact No. 3

It is not difficult to obtain affordable dental coverage. Federal government employees can obtain affordable dental insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program. For people who are working in private sector, they can refer to the local banks or credit unions that offer dental plans and discount cards.

Fact No. 4

Without dental coverage, the minimum amount you need to spend on filling, dental cleaning or X-ray is about USD 200.

There is an important point you need to bear in mind. All dental plans in the market differ from one to another. As a result, you need to make sure that you know what type of plan you have obtained.