Teaching Kids About Dental

Good dental hygiene should be an important part of your daily routine. In fact, dentists often stress the importance of teaching kids about dental hygiene as soon as they are old enough to begin holding a toothbrush. While toddlers often love to hold their own toothbrush and practice their skills, it is essential that a parent supervises the job and make sure that the child’s teeth have been properly brushed. This is an excellent time to talk to your children about good dental hygiene and how to actually brush their teeth to ensure proper cleaning. It does not have to be a difficult lesson or dreaded chore, simply turn the time they spend brushing their teeth into a fun, age-appropriate, educational opportunity.

For example, teaching kids about dental hygiene can be as simple as giving them one of the fun musical toothbrushes designed to let children know when they have brushed long enough. Typically, this type of toothbrush is battery operated and will provide the circular movement needed for proper cleaning and will beep or turn off at the end of two minutes. It is important that kids not only learn the proper technique for brushing their teeth, but also that they should not rush too quickly through the process. Some of these toothbrushes will play music or light up to make the task of brushing their teeth a little more fun and entertaining.

Toddlers and young children will certainly find it much more fun to brush their teeth if they can have a toothbrush that has one of their favorite characters on it. Sometimes, these little things can help a child improve their dental hygiene habits; however, until the child is a little older, they should be supervised as they brush their teeth. Toddlers can have fun learning, but an adult should make sure that their teeth have been properly cleaned each time.

Other items that are great for teaching kids about dental hygiene are things such as dental floss picks and rinses designed to show areas that were not cleaned sufficiently. As a child gets older, they will be able to swish one of these rinses in their mouth, which will then color areas that need further brushing. In addition to brushing their teeth twice a day, children also need to learn the importance of flossing. Managing typical dental floss can be a challenge for a child, but the picks with floss already on them are an easy to use and much more convenient option.